Hello, lost soul!

img_4256I’m Ayra Aleckzis, a 21-year old crazy pursuer and a happy traveler. I love doing all sorts of things and I’m always excited to learn new things!

My passion for travelling started when I was just in my first year of college, way back year 2012. Since then, even as a student, I worked different side jobs to earn extra money & save them for my travels.

Now, I work as a Marketing and Sales Associate for GuavaPass, but I mostly work from home so my schedule is flexible. Whenever I’m free, I do freelance work as a photographer, makeup artist, video editor and graphic artist. I venture into various online businesses as well and sell shoes, clothes, and cosmetic products to fund my travels. My sisters and I also have a homemade baked goods business called “Porcellini Dolci” which we started in 2012. I used to carry huge tupperwares and sell cupcakes and brownies everyday when I was still studying in UST!

Even if I already do a handful of things, above everything that I want to do – I dream of travelling 2/3 of the world before I die. I’m not even confident I’ll get there – but everyday, I keep trying! Let’s go on this journey, shall we? 🙂

Need to talk? Reach me through ayraleckzisalvador@gmail.com!