ALECKZISMILES: My Smiles Through The Miles

Hello, friends!

I feel like it’s way overdue, but it feels so great to say this:

Welcome to my blog! Yaaay! It’s unfortunate that we skipped documenting my travels since my first one, but I promised my future self that she will thank me for writing about my life from here on – twenty years and beyond!

After months of wanting to start my own blog, I finally did it! I know, you might be thinking: it’s so easy to start a blog. Just sign up and make one, and just freaking post! So why’d it actually take me so long? I’d likely attribute that to the fact that I always tell myself – hey, I’ll do this, I’ll do that – but I never get myself to actually do them because I want to do so many things all at once, and that’s obviously impossible. But hey, aren’t we all guilty of being like that at times? Right? Anyway, now that I have the time and the effort to do so, I’m excited about the things I’ll be writing!

First off, I want to share with you the conceptualization process I worked into this. I started to think about being serious about blogging when I started traveling more this early 2016, and I realized – I want to travel for the rest of my life, and I would really like to keep all those memories, so that every now and then, I can go back and see how I have lived my life throughout the years. Blogging would also be a great way to share my passions and interests to others, like my photos, videos, and maybe even my love for makeup. Lol!

Since I graduated from college last June 2016, I was already planning for my blog. Before anything else, I brainstormed and read so many tips, ideas, and inspirations on the internet, just to think of the perfect username! I’m really OC when it comes to these things. For countless nights, I have searched for words that meant something valuable to me, words that could best describe me, or any word that would sound cool – but none of it was working at all! It felt like I was looking at empty words. I swear, it was stressful for me, so I stopped searching… Weeks passed by, then one night, I suddenly woke up, went out of bed, and without actually thinking (as in legitimately thinking hard about it), aleckzismiles suddenly came out of of my mind, and it just really made sense! You know that feeling that, you just know, and you’re just so sure about something? That. I just knew that it was the perfect username. It was the Eureka moment I have long been waiting for.

But, why aleckzismiles?

My second given name, Aleckzis, is a name that I really love, and I feel it’s such a shame that it hasn’t been put under the spotlight for my whole life. Everyone calls me Ayra. Nobody actually tried to call me Aleckzis, but all my life, Aleckzis felt more like me. So, I randomly thought, I should put this beautiful name of mine into good use!

So, aleckzismiles…

Now, it’s up to you how you want to comprehend it. Whether it be Aleckzis’ smiles or Aleckzis’ miles, both works for me. Through this blog, I want to show you the many smiles I have through all the miles I have conquered in my life. SMILES of blissful happiness when life treats me right, and MILES, whether it be the actual miles that I will travel, or even the milestones I will achieve in my life as well.

Together, let’s share each other’s thoughts, experiences, and stories of positivity! I hope you will all be with me in this journey, smiling through the miles.




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